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If you want to know why I’m so honored to work with the Louisiana Environmental Action Network (LEAN) and its friends, just watch this very intense video from the front lines of the BP oil disaster with the Lower Mississippi Waterkeepers. The report got a huge boost when the Huffington Post picked it up on the “Eat The Press” blog, which linked to the mini-documentary with this note: “And in Terrebonne Parish, something is killing all the birds (I’m going to warn you that the video that follows is immensely upsetting to watch).”

Well, they got that right. And, in the same ETM post, there’s a link to another well-done video showing all the talking points about that “vast majority” of oil being gone. That video will prove you can laugh out loud and get pissed off at the same time…but watch it first, because after watching the oil spill impact on the birds, nothing is going to seem funny for a while.

If you’re in any sort of position to make a donation to LEAN’s efforts, please do so. I can tell you that the money will be well spent.

Thank you.

The reports are here:

See LEAN’s “Dead Bird Island” video here:

Donations to LEAN’s worthy efforts can be made here:

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