Victims Wait in Line…for Food (Video)


A Press-Register story out of Alabama offers a glimpse of just how desperate some Gulf residents are after British Petroleum stalled its claims payment process – including comments from a former U.S. Marine in line for free food.

The report says more than 200 people waited in line at a Catholic Church, some arriving at 6 a.m. – getting there a full three hours before organizers began giving out the food…afraid of missing out. Organizers of the food bank said 228 families received more than 11,000 pounds of food.

In a story that we fear may become all too common. The newspaper talked to Paul Wright, 43, who said he worked off and on for 20 years unloading seafood boats and packing shrimp – but was laid off after the spill. BP paid him some claims money, he said, but he couldn’t get more because he lacked the needed documentation and tax records to show adjusters.

A father of four, Mr. Wright says he’s trying again under the new claims process. See the story and video here:

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