UGA Marine Scientist Answers Oil Spill Questions (VIDEO)


MOBILE, Alabama – University of Georgia marine scientist, Dr. Samantha Joye, disputes BP’s claims that the oil from the Deepwater Horizon spill is almost gone.

We had an exclusive one on one interview with her Wednesday and even got some of your questions answered.

Joye’s recent research shows oil is now at the bottom of the sea floor. Many of you wanted to know if she believes there is a connection between the Gulf oil spill and the numerous dolphins that have washed ashore on the Gulf Coast, “well, I am not a marine mammal biologists and I think that we have to wait and see, you know, what the toxicology reports show but you know given that this is the first birthing season since the incident it certainly isn’t beyond the realm of possibility that the oil spill could have impacted the dolphins in some way,” said Dr. Joye.

See full interview here:

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