U.S. Coast Guard: New Slick Could Be Remnants from BP Spill


As we try to keep track and make sense of all the new oil sightings in the Gulf, the Coast Guard is reporting that the substance washing ashore on Grand Isle, Fourchon Beach and Elmer’s Island could, indeed, be from the BP spill. At least, say Coast Guard officials, they are not ruling out the possibility.

My research team is testing samples of the material, and we will report back here with results as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, the Daily Comet, reporting out of Thibodaux, brings back many troubling memories for Gulf Coast residents: “Some of that sheen…included clumps of the peanut-buttery substance workers grew accustomed to seeing at the height of the Deepwater incident, bolstering the potential that at least some of the oil being cleaned up is related to that spill.”

The good news, amid a bleak several days for the Gulf, is that cleanup and containment efforts are moving forward. The Daily Comet article includes a brief progress report from Grand Isle Fire Chief Aubrey Chiasson: “We’re putting snare boom out,” Chiasson said, while helping direct nearly 100 workers, many from the cleanup firm ES&H. “It’s all been a minute rainbow sheen. We have airboats putting out boom in some of the places where that sheen and some other stuff came in.”

Stay tuned, this is far from over.

Here’s the Daily Comet report: http://www.dailycomet.com/article/20110322/HURBLOG/110329832/1223?p=all&tc=pgall

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