The Oil Isn’t Gone by Any Stretch


They say seeing is believing. But in the case of those outrageous claims that the oil from the BP spill is mostly gone, seeing is actually disbelieving.

Gulf of Mexico charter boat captain Al Walker (see “Featured Videos” above), who has been documenting the disaster from its early days, has new compelling footage that clearly shows that the oil is still very much in the Gulf. what’s actually gone is much of BP’s cleanup effort. Walker notes, and shows, that there is “plenty of oil” in the Gulf, perhaps most alarmingly oozing out of the environmentally sensitive marshes.

Walker, who became fairly well known among those following the spill after posting a YouTube video from a dive into oil-soaked water around Day 63, also documents oil-soaked boom that’s been abandoned, some of it afloat and some of it just dumped into the marshes. Just left there.

The captain calls upon BP to keep its promises, live up to its advertising hype and do the right thing. But he also notes that he’s leaving from a harbor that was recently “bustling” with BP cleanup workers, but on this day was virtually abandoned.

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