The Mother Lode on Corexit


Leave it to Mother Jones magazine to cut to the chase about BP dispersant use, offering a good overview on how BP got away with it. The use of Corexit boils down to that congressional testimony comment by EPA administrator Lisa Jackson: “I’m amazed at how little science there is on the issue [of Corexit toxicity].”

Media reports have her quoted as saying: “We live in a world where we’re making tough decisions based on little science.”

No, Ms. Jackson, actually we don’t. There’s plenty of science about the toxic materials in Corexit, and its use is either heavily regulated or banned in other places. So the EPA punted on the issue, joining the Coast Guard to “ask” BP to scale back use of Corexit. But then retired Adm. Thad Allen’s Coast Guard pretty much rubber-stamped the BP requests.

By using Corexit in these unprecedented amounts in this environment, the EPA is conducting a gigantic science experiment – with Gulf residents serving as guinea pigs. And all because BP wanted to use the more toxic dispersant to hide more of its oil. Go figure.

See the Mother Jones story here:

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