The Incredible Shrinking Berms


Nobody can say that the mainstream media is exactly slacking on the BP spill coverage, but sometimes tomorrow’s national stories are on somebody’s blog today. And there’s a three-photo set from a blog called LaCoastPost going viral that will be driving headlines soon.

LaCoastPost has frequently challenged the Louisiana governor’s idea of using sand berms to intercept encroaching oil, an idea the federal government initially dismissed and then supported. This change of mind came during one of the many times when public concern that “nothing was getting done” was peaking.

The images show a fast-shrinking sand berm and the accompanying story suggests the berms had less to do with stopping oil than awarding lucrative dredging contracts to certain political donors. The photos just don’t look good for berm supporters…an eroding monument to wasted time and money. See for yourself:

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  • please communicate with the officials involved with building two berms on dauphin island

    in your article the corps warns of increased velocity

    that is true
    the berms only look good, they do not last
    vegetation and solid materials, oyster shells, broken concrete are needed

    refer to the action plan outlined after hurricnae katrina for the mississippi coast

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