The Hard Lessons of Dispersant Use


A new video segment from WWLTV Channel 4 in Louisiana offers a chilling reminder about the saying that those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. The station sent Bill Carpo to Alaska with a Bayou delegation, and the feedback about dispersant use reinforces ongoing concerns about marine life and the fact that we’re conducting a huge scientific experiment on the environment and ourselves.

We’ve been talking about the dangers associated with BP’s unprecedented use of dispersants – roughly 2 million gallons – here on this blog for months. We are pleased that this story is finally breaking through the clutter.

A couple of key quotes from the WWLTV segment: “Well intentioned people thought it was the right thing to do, and we may wake up to find that it was a tragic mistake, and we annihilated a bunch of life in the Gulf of Mexico, and traded that for perhaps cleaner beaches,” said Mark Swanson, executive director of the Prince William Sound Regional Citizens Advisory Council, or RCAC.

And this from a Louisiana delegation member: “Very concerned regarding the dispersants, the fact that the EPA has done no testing on what it does to seafood long term is a big question that’s unanswered,” said Jefferson Parish Councilman Chris Roberts.

A reminder: The EPA is not “deciding not to test” for dispersants; there ARE NO tests for dispersant in seafood. They are said to be developing such tests. In the meantime, my team of experts has developed our own tests, and we are testing samples regularly. Stay tuned…

Here’s the WWLTV video:

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