The Fracking of America: New Website Devoted Exclusively to Tracking Our Most Urgent Environmental Threat


Fracking represents the most urgent environmental threat the United States has faced in 30 years. It’s a threat that demands our attention and a robust national debate. An informed public is imperative as we – as a nation – grasp to strike a balance between our thirst for energy resources and the need to protect the environment and ensure public health and safety.

To that end, we are launching a new website, “The Fracking of America” at Please visit us early and often as our aim is to help energize and organize opposition to an industrial practice we firmly believe presents risks that far outweigh the benefits.

A major public policy battleground has emerged out of the “fracking bonanza” as local, state and federal officials try to plot regulatory courses, including moratoriums and outright bans. And we’ll be keeping an eye on all of it with hard-hitting commentary and the most up-to-date news you need to stay informed about what’s really happening inside America’s highly controversial fracking boom.

Just last week, a federal panel formalized in a report what many of us have been shouting about for months, even years: Fracking will cause “excessive” damage to the environment if steps aren’t immediately taken to minimize the impact. The seven-member advisory panel went on to issue a wake-up call to the fracking industry, warning that “serious environmental impacts” could lead to a groundswell of public opposition. Here’s to hoping the panel is right.

For those of you who have been living under a rock, fracking is a process that extracts natural gas from shale rock formations deep beneath the earth’s surface. Frackers inject highly pressurized fluid – water, sand and a witch’s brew of toxic chemicals – into the ground to create cracks and fissures in shale formations thereby releasing the oil and gas contained inside.

This dubious industrial practice is contaminating our water sources – from rivers to aquifers to residential wells – with known human carcinogens, like benzene and radium. It’s polluting our air. It’s severely depleting our local water supplies. It’s been tied to earthquakes in the United States and the United Kingdom. It makes drinking-water wells explode, and produces flammable tap water.

And…fracking is sweeping across the country like wildfire, representing the fastest-growing sector of our new energy economy.

We sincerely hope our new site will help satiate the overwhelming public interest in the fracking process, the raft of risks it poses to both the environment and public health and the way in which our elected officials are managing what has become one of the hottest hot-button issues in our national dialogue.

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  • I cannot believe one single person would be for this practice of poisoning our air and water supply .It goes to show that people are in there living rooms talking and caring about what the movie stars are doing with not a worry if there will be clean water coming from there taps.SAD

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