The Countdown Is On (VIDEO)


PENSACOLA, Florida – The countdown has begun. “Beginning Monday, a couple days from now, the Gulf Coast Claims Facility is up and running. There’s no more BP claims,” says Feinberg.

For the second time in a week Kenneth Feinberg was back in Pensacola speaking to about 150 people about his takeover of the claims process, August 23rd.

“We’re going to be as claimant accessible and friendly as we can be. It’s your program. You’re the ones that have been damaged. So we’re going to try and pull this off the right way.”

For the first time there was actual literature about the claims process for those at the listening session to pick up, take home and read. Like a claimants bill of rights and a 23 page book of frequently asked questions.

Starting Monday every claim will have to be re-filed. The documentation will not.

Starting at 12:01 Monday morning there will be a website (, a toll free phone number (1-800-916-4893) and a fax number (1-866-682-1772), available to claimants so they don’t have to physically come to office to do the paperwork.

“I’m training every adjustor over the next few days, intensely to have a different attitude and different approach to these claims. I’m also structurally creating a process whereas an adjuster is rendering and ill-advised decision there will be an opportunity for us to monitor those adjusters and rectify errors,” says Feinberg.

The training is going on now in Hammond, Louisiana. Feinberg says he is ready. In six days, he will have to be.

Feinberg will have four more claims meetings on Saturday:

6:45 a.m. – Orange Beach Recreation Center, 4849 Wilson Blvd.

8:00 a.m. – Gulf Shores High School, 600 East 15th Avenue

10:15 a.m. – Bayou La Batre Community Center, 12745 Padgett Switch Road

11:45 a.m. – St. Edmund by the Sea Catholic Church, 827 Cadillac Avenue, Dauphin Island

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