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Ben Raines of the Press-Register in Alabama today is quoting what I consider to be a very credible source contradicting the government’s claim that dispersant wasn’t used near the coastline. That source happens to be me.

Here’s a quote from today’s Register: “I personally saw C-130s applying dispersants from my hotel room in the Florida Panhandle. They were spraying directly adjacent to the beach right at dusk,” said Smith. “Fishermen I’ve talked to say they’ve been sprayed. This idea they are not using this stuff near the coast is nonsense.”

Look, this is extremely important because we’ve found “degraded” oil in the Mississippi Sound that has tested positive for ingredients in the dispersant Corexit. The really frightening part of this story is that these waters are open for fishing, shrimping and crabbing. Adm. Allen’s Coast Guard has consistently stated that no dispersants were used near the shores, and many fishermen I’ve spoken with have also witnessed substances being sprayed very close to beaches.

What is so damning about our dispersant testing is that we – through court-obtained channels – used the actual oil from the Macondo Well and the actual dispersant, Corexit. The results are undeniable. Watch the video…

The scientists who are going into the field, at some personal risk given the contamination, and finding these materials are really the leading edge of what I believe is fast becoming a national scandal.

Here is a photo (below) that helps visualize what Corexit does to oil in water. The beaker on the left contains water. The beaker in the middle contains crude and water. And the beaker on the right contains water, crude and Corexit. Any questions?

And a note in anticipation of the eventual counter-attack: Granted, our legal team is paying for this research, but I find it offensive that anyone would use that to discount the findings. First, these are professionals with integrity maintained over distinguished careers. And also think about this: We intend to introduce these findings into a court of law as evidence, so any tiny mistake in procedure and the court tosses out some very expensive work. So these scientists are careful, diligent and unfortunately are finding that our fears are justified.

Read the Press-Register story here: http://blog.al.com/live/2010/08/degraded_oil_in_mississippi_so.html

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  • Thank you. Please continue to test. Those of us who are getting sick NEED to know what to do. I evacuated NW Florida to Tampa about 5 weeks ago because I became sick and I’ve been doing well until all this rain. Now I am getting the eye irritation and headaches here in Tampa. :Two if my concerns are

    1) Friends and family aren’t sick but I am so afraid of the long term affects of this environment on our health. Will we be like the Love Canal victims if we stay?

    2) I am thinking that I may need to go out west to feel better. It is such a decision. I have large mortgage payments and a business that I would need to walk away from but my health is first and foremost. I am just searching for something to validate the dangers and maybe give us an idea how long it is going to be unsafe to live in Florida. Clearly, we can’t rely on the lies that we receive from the government agencies that are suppose to protect us. What do we do? Rationale, evidence based advise as to the risks of remaining would be a godsend.

    In the meantime, thank you for helping us to try to help ourselves.

  • Thank you for your time, talent and work.
    I have been watching from afar and can not believe that journalists that should be doing this work have let it slide. Be careful, the powers that be have done everything they can do to hide this — so watch your back.
    Thank you again for you work the world needs to know.
    My heart goes out to the people of the gulf.

    These are crime against humanity committed by our own government.

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