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Caving In To Fackers: Feds Move to Dismiss NY Lawsuit Aimed at Protecting the Drinking Water of 15 Million Americans


In a brazen pro-industry legal maneuver, the U.S. government has obtained permission from a federal judge to move to dismiss a lawsuit in New York that represents the last line of defense in protecting the drinking water of 15 million Americans. New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman filed a lawsuit against federal regulators on May 31 seeking a thorough examination of the negative impacts...

Earthquake Outbreak: Arkansas Bans Fracking Operations Inside Thousand-Square-Mile Area


As if radioactive wastewater, exploding wells and flammable tap water weren’t bad enough, fracking has now been tied to another environmental threat – earthquakes, thousands of them. Geologists have tied fracking wastewater disposal wells in central Arkansas to an outbreak of more than 1,200 so-called “minor earthquakes” (an oxymoron if ever there was one). At least one startled...

The Holy Grail: Drinking-water Contamination Confirmed in EPA Report Threatens U.S. Fracking Operations


Considering all the money oil and gas companies pay their PR strategists and crisis management gurus, industry officials should have known better than to proclaim with absolute certainty that “fracking,” the controversial natural gas extraction process, not only has not, but cannot, contaminate drinking-water supplies. They should have known to leave a little wiggle room should an...

With the Drinking Water of 15 Million Americans at Stake, Feds Side with Frackers


Just in case there’s anybody out there who still thinks our federal government has a shred of integrity following the debt-ceiling debacle, news from the fracking front will quickly disabuse any remaining die-hards of that notion. Rather than exercising their power to stop the oil and gas industry from continuing its feast at the fracking trough, the feds have entered the fray on the side...

Distorting the Facts: Oil and Gas Industry Pays Penn State $100,000 for Pro-Fracking Study


We’re all aware that money talks, but the degree to which pro-industry interests are distorting public information on fracking was in particularly high relief this week as natural gas companies are in no-holds-barred pursuit of billions in potential profits. Hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking” as it’s more commonly called, injects large volumes of pressurized water, sand...

Toxic-Free Zone: One City’s Approach to Protecting Residents from Fracking


As New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) prepares to lift a ban that would re-open the Empire State to the controversial natural gas drilling process known as “fracking,” one upstate city is taking a unique approach to protecting its residents from the dangers posed by one of the fastest-growing sectors of the energy industry. The City Council in Auburn – located 20 miles west of Syracuse in...

The Fracking Wars: New York’s Legendary Tap Water in the Cross Hairs


New York’s tap water is legendary. It’s envied around the world for its purity, taste and abundance. Every week, billions of gallons of fresh, clean water are delivered from large pristine upstate reservoirs to the taps of millions of people across the state. But now there are plans afoot that could turn New York’s award-winning water into a cautionary tale. New York Governor...

Pro-Fracking Arguments Fail to Grasp One Inconvenient Issue –– the Reality on the Ground


The Wall Street Journal – owned by conservative gadfly Rupert Murdoch – ran an opinion piece over the weekend that showcases the untruths, convenient omissions and wildly unscientific cause-and-effect connections that are part and parcel of any pro-fracking argument. Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is an aggressive (even by today’s rough-and-tumble standards) and highly controversial...

Preemptive Strike: Fracking Opponents Look to Ban the Practice Before It Starts


The arc of the quintessential fracking battle is still taking shape, but it’s beginning to look like a recurring feature in the storyline may be the “ban” – a word drilling companies are loathe to even speak. We see that scene playing out in New Jersey where legislators, enviros and up-in-arms citizens are putting heat on Governor Chris Christie and the Delaware River Basin...

Protecting 9 Million New Yorkers from the Dangers of Fracking


New York’s attorney general has taken the first step in turning back Exxon Mobil’s plan to use “fracking” on up to 18,000 gas wells in New York City’s watershed – an application of the highly controversial extraction process that would affect 9 million water-drinkers in New York and cost the state billions in beefed up water-filtering measures. For those of you...

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