Mountains of Uncertainty Surround New NOAA, FDA Seafood Testing


It must come as quite a surprise to more casual BP spill observers that NOAA and the FDA are proudly announcing a test for detecting dispersant in seafood – because haven’t we been told time and again that “extensive testing” proves that Gulf seafood is safe? In other words, why would we need a new test if, in fact, seafood has already been declared safe? Well, if you like what...

Latest Claims Facility Reversal Is Good News: Victims May Receive Interim Payments Over Next Three Years and Still Retain Legal Rights


In a region desperately grasping for some financial clarity, the Gulf Coast Claims Facility continues to change the rules of the game. But at least the latest reversal seems to be good news (although you never know for sure until you see the follow-up). Mr. Feinberg is now saying that oil spill claimants can continue receiving periodic interim payments over the next three years and still retain...

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