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The incredible nerve of Jane Lubchenco


Jane Lubchenco is a little like the monster in a bad¬†horror flick — every time that you think she’s been vanquished, she keeps coming back. Lubchenco was the head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or NOAA, in the aftermath of the BP oil spill. And to the extent that the federal government consistently sided with the British oil giant instead of the American...

Outrageous BP seeking to welch on settlement


BP has got to be the most un-self-aware company in the history of global capitalism. The recent criminal trial in federal court here in New Orleans exposed the very worst of the British oil giant’s corporate culture: A firm that is desperate to delay, obfuscate, and cover up the true facts of its bad behavior from the people of the Gulf Coast. It was back in the first few days after the...

BP hasn’t learned from mistakes, plans risky Arctic venture


Will BP ever learn? I’m beginning to think the answer is ‘no.’ The company is back in federal court in New Orleans this week, for the next phase of determining how much oil actually spilled in the 2010 Deepwater Horizon accident, and BP’s level of negligence. The U.S. government is trying to show that the British oil giant should pay as much as $17.5 billion in pollution...

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