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Gulf Residents Face Quandary: Sue Or Settle?


The administrator of BP’s compensation fund is trying to persuade Gulf Coast residents not to sue the company, but to take a settlement instead. But many in the region say it’s too early to pinpoint their damages. Ask Darren Frickey how much this oil spill has already cost him, and the answer is as simple as it is sad. He has gone from catching $5,000 worth of shrimp a week in...

Families of Deepwater Horizon victims to face BP in court


The families of the 11 men killed in the Deepwater Horizon explosion and the fishermen who have lost their livelihood to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico will today face BP in court for the first time.
The hearing in Idaho is to decide how to consolidate complaints submitted from around 200 plaintiffs in the wake of the United States’ worst ever environmental disaster.

Gulf fishermen still skeptical of seafood


(CNN) – With the oil dissipating faster that expected, Louisiana seafood officials want BP to lure the state’s fishermen back to the water.
Many of Louisiana’s 12 thousand fishermen have gotten accustomed to serving as cleanup workers since the oil spill began, drawing paychecks from BP instead of from the Gulf of Mexico.

Spill Coverage in the UK


While Americans might feel we have a common-sense consensus about the oil company formerly named British Petroleum, it’s insightful to note that it’s not exactly a worldwide consensus. In fact, the British press, even the internationally focused BBC, has taken a downright parochial point of view, and that’s more than just casually interesting. Should BP eventually seek...

Feinberg says he will divulge his salary


WASHINGTON – The administrator of a $20 billion Gulf oil spill compensation fund said Tuesday that he will disclose the salary BP is paying him, after initially declining to do so.
Ken Feinberg told The Associated Press Tuesday that he plans to reveal the sum in the next couple of weeks, after the fund has an operational budget. It’s slated to be up and running next month.

Research team will map underwater oil and gas plumes


A research team will return to the Gulf of Mexico next month to map underwater plumes of oil and gas, a University of Georgia oceanographer said.
A team led by oceanographer Samantha Joye tracked one plume during research voyages in May and June. She said no one has made a systematic sweep around the massive oil spill in the Gulf to find other plumes.

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