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Dumping on Louisiana’s poorest communities


It’s something of a mixed blessing working as an environmental attorney in Louisiana. On one hand, the power and prevalence of the state’s oil refineries, offshore drilling and chemical plants means that there’s no shortage of environmental cases to handle. On the other hand, it’s been simply heartbreaking to watch what the rise of locals call “Cancer Alley”...

More much-needed global attention for Bayou Corne


It’s funny — it was just about this time last year that I was writing multiple blog posts about the remarkable situation in Bayou Corne, the little town tucked inside the swamplands 70 miles west of New Orleans, and wondering why no one else was paying attention. After all, it’s not every day that a small town shakes and rumbles, dangerous methane gas bubbles up from under...

NYT columnist doubles down on the pro-BP stupid


New York Times columnist Joe Nocera won’t back down. Even though his past columns defending corporate polluter BP and its wanton recklessness and portraying Gulf Coast residents seeking justice as greedy fraudsters have been mocked and ridiculed in  many quarters, he was back on the case this week. Nocera seems to live an alternate universe where BP is the upstanding citizen and not the...

Actually, it wouldn’t be crazy at all for Obama to kill the Keystone XL


The race against time to stop the Keystone XL pipeline’s march across the United States — and the dirty pollution and climate change that will inevitably come with it — is moving forward on two tracks. In the White House, President Obama and his team are sending out the white smoke signals that the pipeline is likely going forward — that while the administration talks a...

Stuart H. Smith is an attorney based in New Orleans fighting major oil companies and other polluters.
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