That takes nerve! Texas Brine challenges La’s tepid sinkhole response


Apparently, Big Oil, Big Gas, and their industrial cronies are used to getting everything exactly their was in the great state of Louisiana. I’m talking about the latest appalling news to come out of Bayou Corne, the small bayou community west of New Orleans that has been literally torn apart by a massive, manmade sinkhole. If you’ve been following the saga of the Texas Brine Co...

They’ll be home for Christmas in Bayou Corne — but only in their dreams


There can be something magical about Christmas in the Louisiana bayou. But not this year — not in the small community of Bayou Corne, some 70 miles west of New Orleans. Here. some 150 families have been forced out of their homes since the brutally hot dog days of summer, back in August — and they still don’t know when they’re coming back. Efforts to fix the environmental...

What a gas! Flaming faucets as La. sinkhole expands, costs soar


If you care about the environment, there’s a good chance you’ve seen the award-winning anti-fracking documentary, Gasland. And if you did, you surely remember the alarming result of natural gas drilling in rural Pennsylvania: People were able to light their tap water with a match! That’s because of dangerous levels of the highly flammable gas methane polluting their wells. In...

Crisis continues in Bayou Corne as sinkhole grows to 4 acres


I wanted to update readers on the latest from the sinkhole in Bayou Corne, about 70 miles west of New Orleans. The bad news is that this update is going to sound a lot like my other recent posts on the subject. The sinkhole, over a failing salt cavern, continues to alarmingly grow in size, swallowing up land and trees. The rural area is still plagued by foul odors and bubbling gases coming from...

Fears of methane explosion rise in sinkhole-ravaged La. town


The people of Bayou Corne have been through a lot. It started this summer when residents of the small bayou community about 70 miles west of New Orleans began feeling tremors and reporting foul odors. Then in August, a large sinkhole — near the site of a cavern that has long been mined by the Texas Brine Co. — threatened the town and forced evacuations. And the news keeps getting...

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