Will Big Oil’s money win in 2015, or the people?


The future of our planet’s environment — and, thus, our species — is facing something of a tipping point as we look forward to the start of the new year in just a few days. Let’s pause and look at a few hopeful signs at the end of 2014. In New York, we’ve seen Gov. Andrew Cuomo listen to his voters — with an assist, perhaps, from low oil prices — and make...

Something’s happening in South Louisiana, and the “Dirty Dozen” doesn’t get it


Every day, there’s more evidence that the healthy winds of change are blowing through Louisiana. That’s especially true in the southern part of the state which has been battered by events that have been both epic in scale — the BP oil spill and 2005’s Hurricane Katrina — and more prosaic, like the Bayou Corne sinkhole and the day-in, day-out toxins pumped into the...

Please don’t frack Louisiana


I’ve traveled a lot, for work and for pleasure, and I’ve yet to see a state as beautiful as Louisiana — or as environmentally sensitive. And yet because the state is so rich with resources — not just oil and natural gas but salt and other chemical building blocks — there is always intense pressure to exploit our ecology, often with disastrous consequences. The...

Stuart H. Smith is an attorney based in New Orleans fighting major oil companies and other polluters.
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