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Leak from Chevron Pipeline Raises New Concerns About Aging Oil-Production Infrastructure in the Gulf


Chevron is reporting that a leak from a pipeline at its Main Pass 299 platform in the Gulf of Mexico released 2.3 gallons of crude. According to a Sept. 14 Reuters report, there was “no recoverable volume of oil visible” in the shallow waters 40 miles east of Venice, Louisiana, where the Chevron installation is located. Earlier in the week, the California-based oil giant shut down a...

BREAKING NEWS: Chevron Confirms Oil Leak in Gulf of Mexico; Shuts Down Pipeline Off Louisiana Coast


Oil giant Chevron has confirmed an oil leak related to an equipment failure at a site located in shallow waters approximately 40 miles east of Venice, Louisiana. The company has shut down its Cypress line and a portion of its Main Pass pipeline network to investigate the leak. According to a Reuters report, the Cypress line feeds a terminal known as Empire located on the Mississippi River in...

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