Yet another reason not to drill offshore in the Arctic


Just a quick follow-up on a post I wrote earlier this month about offshore drilling in the Arctic, which so far has been one disaster after another ever since Shell launched its project off Alaska this past summer. Recently, the feds who’ve signed off on this unholy venture have told the public that in a worse-case scenario, authorities or contractors could deploy dispersants like Corexit...

Shell on ice: Arctic drilling scheme in trouble


Just a short update on the Shell Arctic drilling fiasco that I wrote about here last week. It’s beginning to look as if the federal authorities who greenlighted this risky scheme are having second thoughts: WASHINGTON — The Interior Department on Tuesday opened an urgent review of Arctic offshore drilling operations after a series of blunders and accidents involving Shell Oil’s drill ships...

Shell’s Arctic drilling is what everyone feared: An unmitigated disaster


This is what passes for “good news’ on the domestic offshore drilling front these days: An environmental disaster seems to have been narrowly averted in the waters off Alaska — after an accident that carried echoes of the Exxon Valdez spill there a generation ago and which amplified the worst fears about a risky new venture in the Arctic: Crews hoped to board an oil drilling rig...

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