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Were dozens of U.S. sailors poisoned by Fukushima?


I noted last week that the news from the site of the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan keeps getting worse and worse. Nearly three years after the earthquake, tsunami and subsequent nuclear accident, every week brings new reports of leaks or potential meltdowns at the troubled site. What’s more, experts are also tracking the plume of radiation from the Fukushima site as they slowly make...

Why are we numb to the horror that is Fukushima?


It’s been nearly three years since the tsunami and then the horrific nuclear accident at the Fukushima plant in Japan, and I still follow the news from the disaster site on a regular basis. That makes me unusual, I guess. The truth is every day there seems to be a new, alarming development coming from that corner of Japan, yet the news gets little play in the mainstream media. It seems like...

Is Fukushima already poisoning hundreds of seafood consumers?


The news out of Fukushima just keeps getting worse and worse. It’s been more than two years since a massive earthquake followed by a tsunami triggered a nuclear emergency at the massive seaside power plant, operated by TEPCO. It’s hard to know which is more problematic — the frequent human errors, such as a accidental power failure last week that nearly caused cooling water to...

Japan’s nuclear whack-a-mole alarms the world


I just wanted to offer a quick update on the latest news out of the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan, where the aftermath of the earthquake, tsunami and ensuing atomic accident just keeps getting worse and worse. It’s taken more than two years to get to the bottom of how bad things are: The Japanese government has lost patience with the efforts of the Tokyo Electric Power Company...

Japan’s own BP: Dishonest TEPCO trashes ocean with radioactivity


The shocking environmental abuses of Japanese utility TEPCO — the owner of the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant — have been lost in translation for Americans who stopped paying close attention after the immediate crisis caused by the 2011 massive earthquake and tsunami seemed to subside. Except the nuclear crisis in Japan didn’t subside. In fact, more than two years after the...

Officials: Pay no attention to that steam rising from Fukushima


Environmental catastrophes seem to have a numbingly familiar story arc, from Louisiana all the way to Japan. From the BP oil spill all the way to the Fukushima nuclear plant, the media goes crazy for 2-3 weeks, and then the story slowly fades as the cameras move on to the next crisis. Typically, though, the problem is far from over, but later manifestations — such as ongoing oil slicks or...

Did Fukushima fallout affect the health of U.S. infants?


Two years after the earthquake, tsunami and subsequent nuclear accident that devastated Japan, we continue to keep a close eye on the secondary impacts of radiation, not just in Asia but also here in the United States. We’ve been keeping tabs on U.S. sailors who were exposed to radiation during relief missions and reporting that radioactive fish are still turning up across the Pacific, long...

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