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It’s time for arrogant BP to pay up…now, not later


I’ve been an environmental attorney for a while now, and at this stage of my career it takes a lot to shock me. But in the last four years, the arrogance of BP and its actions after devastating the Gulf of Mexico with its 5-million gallon oil spill fiasco has continually stunned me, time and time again. Sometimes, the British oil giant is so out there with its arrogance on full display that...

HUGE NEWS: Judge finds BP was “grossly negligent” in 2010 spill


If you’ve been reading this blog regularly for the last four years, the notion that BP was grossly negligent in its actions linked to the 2010 Deepwater Horizon catastrophe won’t come as a surprise to you. It’s a well-established fact, by this point, that the British oil giant ignored a series of looming problems in its offshore deepwater rig. The Big Oil icon nevertheless...

UPDATED: The “largest criminal penalty in U.S. history” still isn’t enough to make BP pay for its crimes against the Gulf


UPDATE: The settlement has been announced and there’s bad news and good news. The criminal fine — while on one hand it is indeed the largest in American history, at $4.5 billion — falls far short of making good on the damage BP did to the Gulf and is in fact less than the company typically earns in just one three-month quarter, according to its financial reports. The good news...

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