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BP’s hits just keep on coming for Gulf beaches


The irony seems rich — but then it always does when the farcical tragedy of the BP oil spill is involved. For the last few days, lawyers for the British oil giant and for the U.S. Justice Department have been locking horns inside a New Orleans courtroom, arguing about the size of the massive 2010 oil spill. The federal attorneys, from everything that I’ve read, have been making a...

Look anywhere in the Gulf and you’ll find problems — like toxic tar balls


As I’ve noted several times recently, the tide has changed when it comes to public perceptions of the Gulf of Mexico, more than three years after the Deepwater Horizon disaster. For a while, the mega-millions that BP had spent on slick marketing, and bland pronouncements from public officials, had lulled not only the public but even journalists to sleep. But now, good science and some old...

No End to the Oil: Pipeline Rupture Near Grand Isle Further Stresses Gulf Ecosystem


How much oil can we dump atop the Gulf ecosystem before it simply collapses? At what point does the northern quadrant of the Gulf of Mexico – once the source of 40 percent of all seafood caught in the continental United States – become, for all practical purposes, a dead zone? Well, we may be faced with that tragic outcome much sooner than many of us would care to believe. The oil...

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