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The revolt against the U.S. Chamber’s stunning betrayal of Main Street America


It’s an idea that boggles the mind: America’s largest, most powerful and best-known business organization siding AGAINST tens of thousands of its own members — small- and mid-sized business owners in the U.S. heartland whose very survival is on the line. The only thing that could make that scenario involving the U.S. Chamber of Commerce even more staggering would be if the...

BP keeps hitting new lows


In a weird way, you have to give credit to BP. Every time that you think the British oil giant has hit a new low in trying to back out of its commitments to the people of the Gulf Coast — after destroying our most precious natural resources –, they manage to drill down a little lower. Just think about it: In recent months, we’ve seen BP go into court to try to undo the same...

Scientific panel says BP damage to the Gulf is incalculable


If you follow the business news, you may have heard that BP has nearly burned through the money — believed to be some $40 billion — that the oil giant set aside to pay the array of claims and government penalties for the widespread damage to the Gulf of Mexico from the 2010 Deepwater Horizon catastrophe. In particular, the Big Oil icon is alarmed that Gulf residents, workers and...

Our fight for a fair BP settlement will go on


It may well be a accident of timing — all of us are racing to complete unfinished tasks before the Christmas holiday — but a major piece of news regarding BP and the ongoing quest for justice in the news was released late on Friday, heading right into the 12 days of Christmas when folks are spending time with their loved ones, and not watching the news. But it’s a story that BP...

Stuart H. Smith is an attorney based in New Orleans fighting major oil companies and other polluters.
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