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Wronged by a medical implant — and fighting back


We’re seeing this more and more often: The world’s best-known medical-device makers are creating shoddy and dangerous products, failing to warn doctors and their patients about the risks, and then compounding their error by trying to cover their tracks rather than inform the public. As a result, good people get injured — and they don’t always know where to turn. Johnson...

Thousands of failures later, feds to finally regulate hip replacements


The environmental issues that I most typically blog about here are really part of a larger problem in our society. It’s something we see time and time again — government failing to protect the little guy, and instead kowtowing to powerful and wealthy interests. Certainly you see that in a matter like the BP oil spill, where the government was too lax in regulating off-shore drilling...

J&J Continued to Sell Defective Hip Implant After FDA Issued “Nonapproval”


Based on internal safety studies, Johnson & Johnson’s hip replacement device wasn’t safe. The “all-metal hip socket cup” design – initially thought to be revolutionary – was faulty, and the implants were failing prematurely at a high rate in patients around the world. The FDA rejected the defective model, known in the medical field as an “articular surface...

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