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The Brexit vote was also bad news for the environment


Most Americans weren’t really paying close attention in recent weeks during the run-up to Great Britain’s referendum vote on leaving the European Union — the so-called “Brexit.” Maybe that was because all of the polling experts (yes, the same folks who told us in 2015 that Donald Trump would never win the Republican presidential nomination) insisted that British...

What if fracking is even worse than we thought?


Posting negative headlines about fracking has become pretty much a regular weekly occurrence around here. A lot of that is the result of science; it’s taken researchers a number of years to catch up with the newer technologies in oil and gas drilling. As they do, impartial academics are learning that the pollution problems that come with fracking have been understated, while the benefits...

Obama gets it right on climate change


Here we go on the political see-saw with President Obama. Just last week, it was a sharp move down, as the White House continued to knuckle under to Big Oil interests on the critical issue of offshore drilling as it signed off on the risky practice of offshore drilling in the Arctic while continuing to promote new oil exploration in the Atlantic and elsewhere. The administration’s pro...

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