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“From the air, you would have thought you were in the Deepwater Horizon spill”


Outside of the Gulf region, there hasn’t been a ton of publicity about Shell’s pipeline leak and oil spill off the coast of Louisiana that was revealed late last week. Maybe that’s the Deepwater Horizon Effect, since just six years after more than 4 million barrels of crude spewed into the Gulf, 88,000 gallons may sound like the proverbial drop in the bucket. The reality is very...

Devastating report on the “other” oil spill in the Gulf


From time to time, I’ve been honored to use this blog to highlight the work of a colleague and a tireless crusader for the environment, Bonny Schumaker. A former NASA engineer and a pilot, Bonny began to focus on the Gulf in the days immediately following the Deepwater Horizon disaster in 2010, and her aerial photography has brought the public information about not just the BP oil spill but...

Citizens must have a role in fixing the Gulf


I wanted to call your attention this weekend to a fantastic op-ed that run across the top of Page 1 of the Biloxi Sun-Herald, one of the leading newspapers along the Gulf Coast. It was written by an environmentalist that regular readers of this blog are quite familiar with: the pilot Bonny Schumaker of On Wings of Care, whose frequent flyovers of the BP oil spill site — and well as other...

Sinkhole grows and threatens Bayou Corne


Last weekend Bonny Schumaker from On Wings of Care — a tireless advocate who’s been our not-so-secret weapon in the war for salvation of the ecology of the Gulf Coast — went up in the skies over Bayou Corne, the small Louisiana town that’s been ravaged by a sinkhole caused by a collapsing sinkhole, an epic tale of neglect. The latest news from there is not good. The...

Help Bonny Schumaker’s On Wings of Care get the recognition it deserves


  Many times in this space, I’ve told you about the remarkable work that my friend Bonny Schumaker has done with her environmental and animal rights outfit called On Wings Of Care. Bonny is a former NASA rocket scientist and an ex-commercial pilot who knows how to use her aviation skills for so much good, as an environmentalist and as a fighter for animal rights . The work that she’s...

The national media notices that BP is leaking fresh oil in the Gulf


Nothing will ever make right BP’s negligence that caused the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster. But there’s been a flurry of recent news that authorities are finally listening to some of our pleas for both justice and for more aggressive investigation here on the Gulf Coast. The steep criminal penalties imposed on the oil giant — and the prospect of stiffer civil fines —...

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