Spill Hits Gulf Schools


Here’s another example of how the British Petroleum spill reaches into virtually every corner of the Gulf: Alabama leaders are saying they anticipate education spending cuts because of spill-related hits to state revenue. So now we can add school children to the ever-expanding list of spill victims.

The AP is reporting that Alabama Gov. Bob Riley is “hopeful” of getting through the end of the current budget year Sept. 30 without increasing the 7.5 percent cut that public education has already endured. Yet school superintendents say they wouldn’t be surprised by additional cuts in the closing weeks of the fiscal year.

A big budget issue: Pending payment of a $148 million claim the state has filed with BP. We can expect more of this as schools and other public institutions feel the pinch from reduced revenue and slow BP payments, and it shows just how far BP is from ever “making it right” in the Gulf.

See article here: http://blog.al.com/wire/2010/08/oil_spill_economy_could_lead_t.html

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