Some Cleanup Workers Not Getting Money


THEODORE, Alabama – Some people who cleaned oil off area beaches the last three weeks are asking, ‘Where’s my money?’

A manpower services company is reducing their latest checks because it says they were overpaid.

That’s not sitting well with the workers.

Katharine Bryant said she’s been working since late June cleaning off oil in Fort Morgan.

She said the company that hired her, GCP Manpower Services, sent out her check a week late because of an in-house audit.

Bryant said she got her check Friday.

When asked how much she was paid, and how much she should have been paid, Bryant said, “On this check, I should have received $600, and I received $116.

GCP sent a letter with the checks, and said the company discovered it made an overpayment of 28 overtime hours over three weeks.

Bryant said other people she knows hardly got paid anything this week.

She said, “Most people’s checks have been ranging from 93 cents and up.”

Also in the letter, the company said it will meet with employees at a hotel in Tillmans Corner September 4th to address their concerns.

But Bryant said, “I can’t wait until September 4th. My bills can’t wait until September 4th. I want answers now.”

And, Bryant said she has one big bill that’s due soon: her house note.

When asked what she’s going to do, she said, “I have no idea now. I don’t have a clue, because my house payment is due Monday, and this isn’t going to cut it.”

Also, Bryant told us that she worked in GCP’s local office for a few days and did some unusual clerical work involving hazardous material training certificates.

She said, “I had to go through all the files and make sure everybody had an actual hazwoper certificate, and, those who didn’t, we sat there and made them one. That day I probably made at least anywhere from 13 to 20 certificates.”

News Five contacted the local number for GCP and talked to a man who said to refer to him only as a company spokesman.

He said if GCP knew of anyone ordering certificates to be falsified, they would be let go.

He also said his heart goes out to the employees, and hopes they’ll go to the September 4th meeting to talk about what happened.

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  • I know exactly what they ar going through I worked for the same company and was promised a job for up to three years. On our last day at thed convention center we were told we were getting an office space and that we would get a call where it would be. They called and shorted my checks as well.

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