Shrimpers Haul In Load of BP Crude…But Only Pennies on the Dollar from Their Claim


Even with the immense pressure from various groups to keep the “All Clear” narrative going, some stories of what’s actually happening in the Gulf still leak out. One such story is being reported by WKRG-TV, where local shrimpers in newly opened fishing waters pulled up a catch of BP crude.

Perhaps most significant is that the “net load” of tar balls was found as a family shrimped for royal reds, which live in deep waters – 1,200 to 1,800 feet deep. And they were in an area 40 miles south of the Deepwater Horizon site. For those of the mind that dispersants simply “sunk” huge amounts of the oil to the sea floor, pulling loads of tar balls from that depth at that location will add to their already compelling argument.

It’s worth pointing out that the fishing family involved is also one of those receiving compensation from BP’s $20 billion fund, so this is one of those success stories, right? Well, the family put in a six-month claim for $612,000, the TV station reports, and received a payment for $15,400.

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