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GULF SHORES, Alabama – “We had 12 employees now we have two. We’re just trying to hold on to what we have but its difficult, it’s very difficult.” Making it more difficult for Tony stubbs and his furniture business, broken promises by Ken Feinberg and the Gulf Coast Claims Facility.

“If you’re not going to pay just don’t pay me but don’t tell me something and not do it,” says Stubbs.

According to Gulf Coast Claims Facility website, 79 point 9 million dollars in claims have been paid to the gulf coast states. The break down goes something like this: Louisiana, 36.8 million dollars, Florida is next with 18 point 2 million. Claimants in Alabama have received 14 point 3 million dollars, Mississippi is 8 point 1 million and to date Texas has received 2.3 million dollars.

“Not near enough being paid,” says Norman Schuchman. He manages the Business Support Center in Gulf Shores and deals directly with the most desperate business owners. “It has overwhelmed Feinberg, there is no doubt in my mind more than he ever expected to happen. It’s a drop in the bucket.”

For Tony Stubbs it’s simple. “Pay the money or shut up and go away but quit spending millions of dollars for newspaper ads and TV ads saying you are going to do it and not doing it.”

Check your claims status on line and nine times out of ten it will say under review. The only thing not under review these days is people’s growing frustration over the entire claims process.

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