Shelby to talk claims with Ken Feinberg (VIDEO)


MOBILE, Alabama (WALA) – FOX10 News is continuing to try and get answers as people struggle through the claims process. We’ve learned this Thursday (Nov. 18) in Washington D.C. Senator Richard Shelby will meet with claims czar Ken Feinberg and he’ll carry with him a list of concerns.


After weeks of waiting, Shuckers Oyster Bar finally received a claims check last week. But it was only a partial victory, because it was only a partial check.

“It’s not what we had hoped for, but it’s definitely going to help us keep our doors open,” Manager Terri Days said.

Days is glad they got what they got, but she’s worried about going through the process again to get the rest.

“I did get a phone call and I asked the question.. Is this all the money I’m getting for my six month payout? Which no one of course could answer, because no one seems to be able to give me the answers,” Days exclaimed


This Thursday Senator Richard Shelby will seek some of those answers. His office says he will meet with Feinberg and ask the claims administrator about three vexing topics.

Those three topics they’ll be discussing is that there’s no clear formula for the claims, that there’s no process of appeal and all the delays that people have been facing is the third.


Orange Beach Mayor Tony Kennon says the lack of accountability is a huge problem. He hopes Senator Shelby can turn up the heat on Feinberg.

“If Senator Shelby wants to put the hammer down on them he can raise enough cain to hopefully make a difference, but ultimately, I think the president is the only one who can really change things,” Kennon said.

So far, the Gulf Coast Claims facility has paid out $1.8 billion; less than ten percent of the 20 billion. Kennon believes all that unspent money is the root of the problem.

“All the money in the fund that’s not spent goes back to BP. I’ve got to wonder how in the world he can be independent, something’s not right here,” Kennon said.

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