Security Increases for Feinberg Visit


ORANGE BEACH, Alabama – The stage is almost set for another visit from claims administrator Kenneth Feinberg.

Orange Beach Mayor Tony Kennon hopes every seat will be filled. But in order to do that the public will have to go through some extra security measures. “It might take a little longer to get in. We’ll have metal detectors, no big bags, no big purses, no backpacks that type of thing and we’ll have a strong police presence. I don’t want it to deter anyone. It’s not going to be a hassle.”

Kennon says there have been no threats, the security is a precaution. “What’s happened between Tucson and Panama City and the grief Mr. Feinberg created for himself, I think has created an environment of potential. I think everybody around here knows how to act but you just never know.”

Before Mr. Feinberg comes to this event in Orange Beach he will be in Bayou La Batre where similar security measures will be in place.

“This deal that happened in Arizona opened all our eyes.” Bayou La Batre Mayor Stan Wright says metal detectors will be in use at the community center and there will be a strong police presence. “I know there are a lot of angry people and I am too. I haven’t worked since May 6th so I feel there pain. At this point we need to come together as a community and work with Mr. Feinberg.”

Kennon hopes the increased security doesn’t take away from the purpose of the meeting, getting claims money into the hands of those affected by the oil spill, something he says, hasn’t happened so far and needs to be corrected. “An immaculate correction that is what I’m looking for is an immaculate correction.”

Mayor Wright says the Bayou La Batre meeting will be restricted to only questions affecting South Mobile County oil spill victims.

Meanwhile, Mayor Kennon invited Pensacola’s new mayor and Florida congressman Doug Broxson.

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