Secret Dispersant Spraying?


Truly disturbing reports – and a nice job of catching Unified Command being less than accurate, yet again – from the Destin Log. It seems area residents have spotted what they believe to be secret dispersant spraying.

Particularly interesting was one Okaloosa Island resident who reported seeing a “military C-130” flying low and spraying an unknown substance onto the water, adding that it wasn’t smoke because it didn’t linger. Contacted for comment, the Unified Command first flatly denied that C-130s were being used at all. That’s where the solid reporting comes in.

Reporter Matt Algarin found this: “…according to an article by the 910th Airlift Wing Public Affairs Office, based in Youngstown, OH, C-130H Hercules aircraft started aerial spray operations Saturday, May 1, under the direction of the president of the United States and Secretary of Defense. ‘The objective of the aerial spray operation is to neutralize the oil spill with oil dispersing agents,’ the article states.”

And then this: A July Lockheed Martin Newsletter states that “Lockheed Martin aircraft, including C-130s and P-3s, have been deployed to the Gulf region by the Air Force, Coast Guard and other government customers to perform a variety of tasks, such as monitoring, mapping and dispersant spraying.”

The assertion that C-130s were not used is outrageous. I personally witnessed numerous carpet-bombing runs directly off the beach in Florida from my hotel office. The aircraft appeared to be coming from Eglin Air Force Base.

Presented with this, and another example of its “error,” the Unified Command was reduced to a “non-denial style” denial, saying that if the planes were used, the Unified Command didn’t know about it. Simply amazing.

The Destin Log story:

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