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Independent toxicologists have just issued a warning relating to the safety of Gulf seafood and the opening of waters: Data shows the FDA might not have sampled in contaminated areas. Data indicates that a minimum 8-month recovery time is needed.

Independent water and seafood testing and analyses by Gulf Oil Disaster Recovery experts reveal that highly toxic chemicals remain in the water and food chain. These toxins pose a significant risk to marine reproduction and human consumption of Gulf seafood.

The greatest concern is the presence of chemicals known as PAHs (or polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons), which have carcinogenic properties. Our studies have shown that PAHs are present in shrimp from the impacted Gulf areas of the spill at 10 times the levels found in shrimp from inland, low-impacted areas.

Further, BP’s use of dispersants at 5,000 feet below the sea surface caused PAHs and other toxic substances to remain in the seawater. This means biodegradation of the toxins in crude oil is greatly reduced. It could be at least 8 months before the toxic soup we are seeing in the Gulf experiences significant biodegradation, due to low temperatures, lack of sunlight, and other factors.

Stay tuned for more from our team of independent experts.

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