Rumors of Another Failed Attempt


Hey, if you refuse the slightest hint of credible transparency and fib about your spill volumes, then you have to deal with nearly every rumor having at least as much credibility as you do. So we pass on this rumor going viral as we speak, and we’ll see how it plays out against the official BP narrative … which was a bit tardy in reporting other failures along the way, as you might recall.

The “Humid Beings” blog, citing sources inside the cone of silence, is passing this along this hour: “It has been reported to Humid Beings, from those working within BP, that the pressure created by installing the new cap has worsened cracks at the wellbore. The shut-in procedure, that has been discussed at length this past week as a possible end of the continuous flow into the Gulf, may not be attempted for fear catastrophic effects. The flow restrictions from the new cap have made the situation much worse. There is now talk of removing the new cap all together.”

If true, it will of course lend fuel to those who feel it’s all been a song-and-dance act … for coming up on three months now.

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