Photos: Oil All Over Barataria Bay


On the ground in Barataria Bay with New Orleans photographer Jerry Moran and our sampling team: Strongbear, Brian Moore from Boston Chemical, charter boat Capt. Al Walker and Tracy Palmisano.


I took all images on Aug. 24 in the area of Latitude 29,26.2183N, Longitude 89,50.1794W.

Our team is back at it, sampling the Gulf Coast. On this particular day, we were taking several types of samples from the Barataria Bay, including bottom and top water samples adjacent to oiled shorelines.

We also took samples of thick orange oil stirred up from the bay bottom and water column samples from different levels in deeper waters near Four Bayou Pass. Here we pulled more samples of sheen and dispersant related foam, and beach samples from an island I have visited several times about 4 miles east of Grand Isle, which to my knowledge has never been cleaned.

Stay tuned…results to follow.

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