Petition Circulates to have Feinberg Fired (VIDEO)


FOLEY, Alabama – The only thing wrong with these vacation rental homes, nobody is in them. Fred and Debbie Tewell make their living renting these houses to would-be tourist but business hasn’t been very good lately.

“It was excellent up until April of last year,” says Fred. That’s when oil started pouring into the gulf. “We have received almost no calls since then.”

They’ve gone the claims route but that’s been almost as bad as the lack of business according to Tewell. “We’re working on borrowed money basically with no means of income.”

With no calls coming in for the rental properties and frustrations building over the claims process the Tewells are now doing what a lot of people are doing, trying to get Feinberg fired.

On the internet, Debbie Tewell found a petition. “Its called for him to be fired.” The grounds for dismissal include, the money his law firm receives from BP, Feinberg’s inability to process fair and consistent claim amounts and that he is untrustworthy and unethical, according to the petition.

“Every move that he has made that I’m aware of has been aimed at protecting BP’s interest and not he citizens of the gulf coast,” says Tewell.

So he signed it and so did his step-son but will it do any good? “As one it might not but if more people would read it and see what’s going on down here maybe somebody can step up and help,” says Ricky Nelson.

For Tewell, it appears to be the only option left. “I don’t have any other way to go. If I don’t get some relief I’ve got to go bankrupt and start over. I’m 70 years old. It’s a little late in life to start over.”

If you want to look at the petition click here then type Feinberg into the search engine.

See video here:

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