Oil still washes up on Hancock County beaches (Video)


HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) – Even though the oil leak has been stopped, tar continues washing ashore on Hancock County beaches. Due to tough weather conditions earlier this week beach cleanup crews haven’t been working for several days, which has led to a build up of tar balls and tar patties on some beaches. Out of town visitors said the oil is not stopping them from enjoying the beach.

Fresh and weathered tar patties can be easily spotted along the shoreline. And beach goers brave enough to go swimming are finding more from where that came from.

Charli-Ann Campbell said, “The further out you go, the squishy, I hate to use that word, but the squishy stuff is definitely black and oil.”

Laurel resident Charlie-Ann Campbell spent the day enjoying the beach in Waveland with her family members. Although oil is present, she and her family are not concerned.

“It’s the beach, we want to come and play,” said Campbell.

Hancock County Emergency Management Agency Director Brian Adam said the beaches are open, but oil is still washing ashore everyday and people should avoid contact with any oil byproduct.

“Certain places there, anywhere from a quarter inch to a probably two to three inches, but there’s one spot down the road that they’re probably three to four inches,” said Brian Adam.

Clean up crews continue to fight to keep tar balls off of Hancock County beaches and those crews will resume that work at night. According to Adam, that is the best time to clean the beaches when the tide is out.

“You still see some on high tide, but you see more on low tide because a lot of the tar balls are below water line,” said Adam.

Campbell said she hopes her next visit to the beach will be tar free.

“It’s a beautiful beach, and we don’t want it polluted in any way possible,” said Campbell.

County leaders said they will continue to monitor and patrol the beaches everyday.

See video here: http://www.wlox.com/Global/story.asp?S=12981114

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