Oil, Oil Everywhere…from Louisiana’s Marshes to Florida’s Beaches


Even as NOAA-backed “research” claims that all the methane gas from the BP spill was eaten by magic microbes, government officials struggle with the latest evidence that the “vast majority of oil is gone” declaration is absolute nonsense. This time, the AP reports from Port Sulphur on oil fouling fragile Louisiana marshes – and about the Coast Guard’s lack of any sort of plan to clean them up.

“This is the biggest coverup in the history of America,” Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser tells the AP.

Harry Weber of the AP also writes that “… a Coast Guard official who tagged along on the tour said a plan was being developed to clean up the rapidly eroding marsh. However, he had no details and couldn’t explain why there is no mechanism in place to keep the situation from getting worse eight and a half months after the disaster and almost six months after the flow of oil was stopped.”

Sadly, folks, this is nothing new. Nearly everyone who actually knows the Gulf Coast knows that oil continues to wash into the marshes and up onto our beaches. And it’s good that we’re starting to call it a “coverup,” because that’s exactly how it’s shaping up.

In addition to the unacceptable situation in the Louisiana marshes, oil is surfacing in plenty of other areas as well. Reports are going viral of tar balls and chunks of tar mats coming ashore on Florida’s Perdido Key and Barrancas Beach (http://oilspillaction.com/submerged-oil-in-perdido-key-and-barrancas-beach-video). And the Sun Herald is reporting that cleanup crews on the barrier islands off the Mississippi coast continue to haul away oil debris by the truckload (http://oilspillaction.com/islands-still-being-hit-by-oil-from-spill).

I’ll say it again, the mission has NOT been accomplished…not by a long shot.

Read the AP report on the Louisiana marshes here: http://www.fox10tv.com/dpp/news/gulf_oil_spill/oil-spill-still-dirties-la-marshes

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