Oil Dispersants Report (VIDEO)


A commission investigating the B-P oil spill says the Obama Administration misrepresented findings about the B-P leak.

Channel Three’s Dan Thomas poured over the report and discovered many questions he’s been asking all along.

Carol Browner/Obama Environmental Czar: “What we want to do is give people the facts as we understood them.”

Thomas: “So what do you understand? Is it 3 quarters gone from the Gulf?”

Browner: “The vast majority is gone.”

Thomas: “What do you include in the vast majority? Does that include the amount that was dispersed? That’s still in the water?”

Browner: “There are two types of dispersion that were happening. There was the chemical dispersant and that was about 8 percent. And then there was the natural dispersion, the actual and so those oil molecules are still in the water.”

Thomas: “Do you include that when you say vast majority?”

Browner: “I’m not going to put phrases on things.”

Thomas: “That’s your phrase.”

Browner in national interview: “The good news is the vast majority of the oil appears to be gone. More than 3 quarters of the oil is gone. The vast majority of the oil is gone.”

Thomas: “Vast majority is your phrase.”

But now the oil spill commission says that phrase is not accurate… those numbers Browner was referring to were quote…

“Never meant to be a precise tool.” And quote “Was simply not designed to explain, or capable of explaining, the “fate of the oil.” …. oil that the budget classified as “dispersed,” “dissolved,” or “evaporated” is not necessarily gone.”

The commission’s report also concludes the absence of trust fuels public fears, and those fears in turn can cause major harm, … because the public loses confidence in the federal government’s assurances that beaches or seafood are safe.

Dan Thomas/dthomas@weartv.com: “Are you going to believe the government going forward? The things they tell you?”

Michael Lepinay/Doesn’t Believe Federal Gov.: “Uh, no. The Government’s a joke.”

John Loftis/Doesn’t Believe Federal Gov.: “It doesn’t surprise me one bit to know that what they’re saying probably doesn’t jive.”

Betty Cook/Doesn’t Believe Federal Gov.: “I think they withhold a lot and it’s not all bad. They withhold things we don’t need to know. And who knows, maybe that’s maybe we didn’t need to know it.”

Dan says this is just one example of a government report saying one thing… but a government official saying another.

To read this report for yourself…go to our website w-e-a-r-t-v dot com and click on newslinks.

See video here: http://www.weartv.com/newsroom/features/coastal-crisis/videos/vid_729.shtml

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