Obama’s Environmental Czar Cuts and Runs from “Vast Majority of Oil Is Gone” Statement


Ever wonder why “real” TV news doesn’t just play back what people said before they reversed themselves – the way Jon Stewart does on the “Daily Show”? Well, here you go: the ABC-affiliate WEAR-TV 3 out of Pensacola has a stunning interview with Carol Browner, who the station identifies as the Obama “Environmental Czar,” shortening her official title of Chief of the White House Office of Energy and Climate Change Policy. Ms. Browner is one of the people who pushed the “vast majority of the oil is gone” message. She is now backing off big-time, but the damage has already been done.

The government pretends it has no idea where the “oil is gone” perception came from. But WEAR-TV puts together clip after clip of Ms. Browner pushing the talking point on national TV and in a raft of different interviews. It’s really rather shocking to hear her tell the interviewer, on camera, that the “vast majority is your term,” and then to see the playback of her pushing that very message point over and over. Ms. Browner appears to have an incredibly short memory, or at the very least, a highly selective one.

In addition to disowning the “vast majority” talking point, Ms. Browner also has some rather confusing things to say about the importance of the statement in general. For example, according to WEAR-TV, she says the “75 percent is gone” number was “never meant to be a precise tool,” and that it “was simply not designed to explain, or capable of explaining, the fate of the oil.”

How can she possibly say that with a straight face?

I’ve said heads should roll in the wake of this high-level coverup. And it’s hard to see how Ms. Browner avoids the short list of those who will soon be looking for a new job after watching this: http://www.weartv.com/newsroom/features/coastal-crisis/videos/vid_729.shtml

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  • It is amazing how the human mind can convince itself that it can rewrite history. Thank you for the lovely blog entry. Many people have been enjoying this here as well as facebook.

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