No More Oysters at Your Neighborhood Red Lobster


You probably heard by now that the Florida-based Red Lobster restaurant chain will soon stop serving oysters. But the take-away should be just how much the Gulf means to the nation’s seafood supply.

Industry officials figure that from 60 to 70 percent of the oysters consumed in the United States come from the Gulf of Mexico. They come from all around the Gulf, from Florida to Texas – but Louisiana supplies about half of the total.

This is a high-profile example, but it’s only the start as the country feels the pressure from the oil spill. It will be interesting to see how such economic impact is handled in the new $20 billion BP escrow fund … or if such mega-issues are addressed at all.

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  • Does anyone know the percentage of seafood from the Gulf
    of Mexico, contributes to the 31% Darden uses annually .

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