News Round-Up: September 27, 2011


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Final Fracking Report Due Before Christmas

The subcommittee created earlier this year by President Obama to study shale gas drilling is expected to produce a final report before Christmas. The subcommittee will recommend ways that regulators and the industry can reduce the environmental impact of fracking.

Event Looks at Negative Impacts of Fracking

All the drilling rigs and fracking trucks rushing to drill oil wells in the Niobara shale in Weld, Larimer and Jackson counties are participating in the “gold rush” the energy industry has been awaiting for years, a retired U.S. Environmental Protection Agency official claims.

Global Responses to Fracking

In June this year France became the first country to ban the controversial oil and gas mining practice of hydraulic fracturing. Under the new law, companies with exploration permits had two months to declare whether they intended to use fracking — if they did, their permits were to be revoked.

Fire Destroys Seven Fracking Trucks

Seven hydraulic fracturing trucks were totaled Sunday in a fire that occurred in Frio County, southwest of Charlotte, officials said Monday.


NYT: Oil Spill Affected Gulf Fish’s Cell Function, Study Finds

A minnowlike fish that is a major source of food in wetland marshes along the Gulf of Mexico is showing early signs of biological damage from the BP oil spill, a peer-reviewed studypublished on Monday found.

OK, Sen. Shelby: Let’s Tell The Truth About Jobs And Regulations

The Republicans have opened another front in their neverending war against regulations, those tools that help government protect us from greedy corporations. Leading the charge once again is Sen. Richard Shelby, the willing servant of Wall Street who weakened the regulations in Dodd/Frank during negotiations with Sen. Dodd … and then refused to vote for it anyway.

Gulf Oil Spill Researchers Find Disputed Correlation to Exxon Valdez

Scientists are still working to understand the ecological consequences of last year’s BP Deepwater Horizon offshore oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.


The Keystone XL pipeline enters Kansas in the Marysville area, and portions of it were built by Kansas workers in February. The United States Department of State is in Topeka to listen to public comment on the multi-billion dollar project.


Another Shutdown at Entergy Nuclear Power Plant

Entergy Corp.’s Palisades Nuclear Plant in southwestern Michigan has shut down five days after restarting from an earlier shutdown.

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