News Round-Up: September 26, 2011


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Residents Alarmed by Proposal to Treat Fracking Waste in Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls, New York – With an end to New York’s statewide ban on hydraulic fracturing in sight, residents of Niagara Falls were alarmed to learn that wastewater from the controversial natural gas drilling practice could soon be shipped by truck or rail to their city and treated at the local wastewater treatment plant, just a few miles upstream from the massive Niagara Falls international waterfall.

Anti-Drilling Protesters Confront Minister

Opponents of a planned drilling operation near Lake Ainslie confronted Nova Scotia Environment Minister Sterling Belliveau prior to his appearance at a local seafood festival on Saturday.

New Online Tool Helps You Not ‘Get Fracked’

The Natural Resources Defense Council unveils a new online tool to educate and empower Americans who live near hydraulic fracturing, aka ‘fracking.’

‘Fracking’ Wastewater Floods Ohio


The long line of tanker trucks waiting to unload at the Devco No. 1 injection well shows that business is good at the underground-disposal site.


LSU Confirms Oil from BP Well; Feds Collect Samples

While the source of the oil bubbling up around the Deepwater Horizonsite remains a mystery, a Louisiana State University scientist says further chemical analysis has confirmed that the oil originated in BP’s well, and not from other nearby sources, as federal officials have suggested.

LSU Studying Oil Spill Via Bugs, Sparrows, Oysters

Louisiana State University Agricultural Center scientists will compare bugs and spiders from areas hit by the 2010 BP oil spill to those in oil-free areas to learn more about effects of the spill.

BP Gulf of Mexico Drilling Plan Criticized by Environmentalists, Lawmakers

BP Plc (BP/)’s plan to resume full drilling operations in the Gulf of Mexico after the worst U.S. oil spill was criticized by environmental groups and lawmakers.

US Coast Guard Meets with On Wings Of Care

Shortly after we began finding and reporting the presence of large oil slicks in the Gulf in the vicinity of last year’s Deepwater Horizon explosion, On Wings Of Care received an invitation from Captain Jonathan Burton of the US Coast Guard in Morgan City, LA to meet with them and discuss a possible collaboration for monitoring oil and other spills of hazardous substances or illegal activities in the offshore areas of the Gulf of Mexico.   We had a very productive and interesting meeting together at the US Coast Guard Marine Safety Unit in Morgan City on September 13.


Nuclear Hold-outs Refuse to Leave Fukushima

In the contaminated no-go zone around the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan, a small proportion of residents are refusing to leave their homes.


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