News Round-Up: September 21, 2012


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Global Frackdown Seeks to Boost Public Opposition to Gas Extraction

Fracking is under fire. Opposition to the controversial natural gas extraction method is increasingly well-organized. The more people know about hydraulic fracturing, the greater the opposition, as studies expose risks of groundwater contamination and increased seismic activity.

Faculty Fights Fracking

More than 50 BU faculty members sign letter denouncing fracking, push for moratorium to be passed by town of Vestal

Ulster Legislature Pulls Resolution on Providing Fracking Info to Municipalities

Ulster legislators were not ready to vote on a resolution directing the clerk of the legislature to post information that would assist municipalities in enacting local ordinances prohibiting hydraulic fracturing.

On the Watchtower: Fracking Controversial

The Department of Mineral Resources (DMR) this week released the detailed version of the report it commissioned on hydraulic fracturing – fracking –after a moratorium was placed on the practice in April 2011. The moratorium, specifically on fracking for shale gas, was conditionally lifted two weeks ago.


LOUISIANA SINKHOLE | 2:20 p.m. Release from DNR, Estimated Cavern Entry

Louisiana Commissioner of Conservation James Welsh today brought in all companies operating on the Napoleonville Salt Dome to meet with the contractor hired by the Office of Conservation to oversee the evaluation and removal of any natural gas concentrations in the ground water aquifer near Bayou Corne.

Louisiana Officials: 200-Foot Stretch Of Land Falls Into Sinkhole

Texas Brine reported a slough-in of approximately 200’ of embankment at the sinkhole yesterday evening. A video (taken this morning) has been posted on, the area of that slough in can be seen right at the 1:00 spot. According to Texas Brine, the snubbing rig will start drilling today. They have advised that this drilling will not be a 24-hour operation due to safety factors in using this type of rig.

Sinkhole Blackout, Officials Tell Media to Censor Resident Meeting

After Unified Command officials refused a request from residents, some living only 2,000 feet from the sinkhole disaster, to attend their Emergency Town Hall Meeting, Assumption Parish officials contacted the media and other officials to urge them to shun the meeting, according to a local community advocate and organizer.

Sampling Continues at Bayou Corne as Sinkhole Expands

The Assumption Parish Office of Emergency Preparedness has reported a series of expansions of the Bayou Corne sinkhole in recent days. Land and trees continue to disappear as the sinkhole grows in size.


Red Tea Ceremony Raises Awareness for Fukushima

On March 11, 2011 Japan endured a tsunami and earthquake that brought disaster to the Fukushima region of the country. In its rage, it also brought the hazard of the crippled Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. Initially listed as a level 4 on the International Nuclear Event Scale, it became a level 7, the highest any nuclear disaster could attain. It joins Chernobyl as the second nuclear disaster to reach such high levels.

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