News Round-Up: September 2, 2011


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American Communities and the World’s Climate Will Suffer from Tar Sands Pipeline

This week three NRDC staffers were arrested outside of the White House in protest of the Keystone XL pipeline that would carry dirty tar sands oil from Alberta to Texas. They did this as private citizens—NRDC as an institution does not engage in civil disobedience. I admire how they have put personal actions behind deeply held views.

County Sues BU for Fracking Documents

Broome County filed a lawsuit Monday, Aug. 22 against Binghamton University and the BU Foundation in response to the Foundation’s refusal to release documents related to the leasing of a parcel of University-owned land in the Town of Union to an energy company to conduct hydraulic fracturing.

Life On An Oil Field ‘Man Camp’ Not For Everyone

People come here hopeful, drawn by the promise of jobs. But they probably also utter a few prayers, or expletives, when they realize just how far from home this place really is. Or when they see the makeshift villages of narrow metal-sided buildings rising from the plains – temporary housing to accommodate what many are calling the largest oil boom in recent North American history

More Drinking Water Contamination Incidents from Pennsylvania, Including Arsenic

Back in 2009, I blogged about a family in Washington County, Pennsylvania, who found very high levels of arsenic in their drinking water after nearby fracking. Just recently I have heard of more cases of arsenic contamination in the same region.


Toxicologist: Oil Spill Far More Toxic Than Admitted

Nicholas Forte has spent the last year with an array of health issues. Headaches. Migraines. Nausea. Breathing problems so severe they would land him in the hospital.

Dick Gregory and Other Activists Rally to Demand Payment of Claims to BP Oil Spill Victims

Three weeks after protesting outside British Petroleum (BP) headquarters in London, Dick Gregory, Art Rocker and a delegation of other leading activists will protest outside the office of Ken Feinberg, administrator of the oil giant’s $20 billion compensation fund for victims of its historic Gulf Coast oil spill.

BP Oil Spill Caused Losses on the Treasure Coast, Too

Our beaches weren’t sullied with tar balls, and the sheen of oil didn’t linger on our side of Florida’s peninsula — but do not be fooled. Last year’s Deepwater Horizon oil spill exacted a toll on the Treasure Coast, too.

Here We Go Again? Massive Oil Slick Forms Near Deepwater Horizon Site

Some people said that BP never really sealed the Deepwater Horizon leak, at least not properly. Others think they pulled some kind of variation of Three-Card Monty. Be that as it may, there have been allegations in the past few weeks that the Mocando Well is, indeed, leaking to the surface again, allegations backed up by a growing body of evidence and some very peculiar activity.


Nuclear Expert Says Fukushima Radiation Coming To USA, Massive Cover-Up Under Way

There has been a lot of disinformation regarding the Fukushima Nuclear disaster. It appears the government agencies of other nations cooperated with Japan while the international nuclear industry sided with TEPCO’s (Tokyo Electric Power Company) disinformation and denial campaign.

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