News Round-Up: September 12, 2011


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Flooding Brings New Wrinkle to Fracking Report

The floods in upstate New York are raising new concern about plans for natural gas drilling in New York.

New Rule Montana Requires Disclosure of Chemicals Drillers Pump Into Ground

New state rules require companies to publicly disclose the chemicals they pump into the ground to remove oil and gas from rock, but an environmental organization says there are loopholes in the rules.

New B.C. Fracking Registry Falls Short, Says Enviro Group

The B.C. government’s efforts to increase transparency around fracking practices used by the oil and gas industry don’t go far enough, says an environmental organization.

Shale Gas Drilling Protestors Set Up Camp Frack

Protestors against gas drilling in Banks are setting up Camp Frack this weekend to warn against the expansion of ‘hydraulic fracturing’.


Gulf Research Pilot Troubled by Oil Sighting in Macondo Prospect

It’s been over 16 months since the BP oil disaster, now rebranded the Macondo oil “spill,” or the Deepwater Horizon “spill.”

Tropical Storm Lee Surge Reveals Tar Mats on Fourchon Beach

Surge from Tropical Storm Lee uncovered numerous tar mats, dozens of tar balls and abandoned strings of oil snare pom-poms along a stretch of Fourchon Beach owned by the Wisner Donation Trust, according to the property’s manager. “The beach got hit hard by surge, as it always does,” said Cathy Norman, secretary-treasurer and land manager for the trust. “With all the sand removed, many things were uncovered, including these huge tar mat areas.

An Oily Tide Washes in With Gulf Storms

When Tropical Storm Lee pummeled the Gulf coast with wind and rain last week, it left more than local floods and wind damage in its wake. Residents from Florida to Louisiana report the slow-moving gale blew in oily residues, thick tar mats and tar balls, confirming fears that the crude from BP’s historic blowout is far from gone.

The Great Gulf Holocaust

“Only when the last tree has withered, the last fish has been caught, and the last river has been poisoned, will you realize you cannot eat money.” -Cree Proverb

Oil Spill Claims of $357 Million Have Been Paid to 12,300 Louisiana Residents

As the debate continues to rage over whether fishers affected by the BP oil spill are being made whole, new data from the Gulf Coast Claims Facility show that oil spill claims administrator Kenneth Feinberg has more than compensated Louisiana’s fishing industry for its estimated losses through 2013.


1 Dead, 1 Injured Following Explosion At Nuclear Waste Reprocessing Facility In Marcoule, France

An oven exploded this morning at around 11 h 45 in the reprocessing of nuclear waste Centraco (Central Nuclear processing and packaging), based in Marcoule, among Chusclan Codolet and, in the Gard.

Radioactive Leak Fears After Nuclear Plant Explosion in France

An explosion was reported at the Marcoule nuclear plant in southern France on Monday, with a risk of a radioactive leak, emergency officials said.

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