News Round-Up: October 4, 2011


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Athens City Council Against Proposed Drilling In Wayne National Forest

Athens County Commissioners have joined Athens City Council members in protesting the leasing of national forest land.

Pennsylvania Launches Natural Gas Drilling Fee

Pennsylvania on Monday announced plans for new levies and stricter rules for natural gas drilling, which has been blamed for contaminating local water supplies.

Only 1 Side in Fracking Debate: For Clean Water

To characterize people taking a position of caution and concern or opposition to the LPG storage facility in the Town of Reading or the use of hydraulic fracturing to release natural gas as a “side” in a win/lose conflict is to ignore the underlying issue. It’s water.


Harvesters Dispirited by White Shrimp Catch

This year’s white shrimp harvest in the waters off Louisiana’s southeastern coast is significantly lower than in the past, forcing some people in the industry to look elsewhere for product and scale back operations while others blame the April 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil disaster.

Gulf Killifish Shows Adverse Effects Due to BP Oil Spill Disaster

A report published in the “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America” says that animal species such as the Gulf Killifish (Fundulus grandis), in and around the Gulf of Mexico will continue to be subject to negative effects of the BP Oil Spill disaster of 2010.

Environmental Groups: Oil Spill’s Effects Persist

A coalition of Gulf Coast environmental groups said in a report released today that last year’s oil spill is still a “developing disaster,” as they called for government officials to reinstate a moratorium on new deepwater drilling and rethink claims that Gulf of Mexico seafood is safe to eat.

Feinberg Sorts Through Oil Spill Victim’s Claims

Reimbursement claims for lost rope sales in Sweden, a shrimp scampi shortage in the North End of Boston and lost dental appointments in Alabama were all claims filed by victims of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

The Escalation of BP’s Liability

In a key investigative report released on September 14, the US government heaped most of the blame for the oil disaster on BP, which now faces a raft of criminal and civil litigation and billions of dollars in potential damages.


A nuclear power reactor was shut down automatically in western Japan on Tuesday, but the cause of the suspension was not immediately known, its operator said.

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