News Round-Up: October 17, 2011


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Fracking Contractor Pleads Guilty to Violating Clean Water Act

A Houston-based oil and gas drilling contractor, Integrated Production Services, has pleaded guilty to a negligent violation of the Clean Water Act and has agreed to pay penalties totaling $162,000 to federal and state agencies.

Tests: Pa. Gas Drilling Town’s Water Still Fouled

Three years after residents first noticed something wrong with their drinking-water wells, tanker trucks still rumble daily through this rural northeastern Pennsylvania village where methane gas courses through the aquifer and homeowners can light their water on fire.

Water Availability, Not Contamination, Worries Residents Above Eagle Ford Shale

Allan Hedtke does not worry so much whether nearby oil and gas fracking wells are contaminating his well water. He worries when he’ll run out of water altogether in Karnes County.

Drilling Did Cause ‘Earthquake’

Controversial gas drilling did cause Fylde coast earthquakes. And now energy chiefs have sent a stark warning to shale gas company Cuadrilla Resources – stop the tremors or we will shut you down.


BP Allowed Back into the Bidding for Gulf Oil Drilling Rights

The Obama administration has infuriated environmentalists by giving BPthe green light to bid for new drilling rights in the Gulf of Mexico.

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Researchers Report Trouble Getting Samples

One of the ironies facing researchers into the consequences of the BP oil spill is that they can’t get their hands on adequate samples of the Louisiana sweet crude that was in all too obvious abundance during the disaster. In his testimony before the House Natural Resources Committee last week, LSU scientist Fernando Galvez said that some research into the impact of the spill on fish in the Gulf of Mexico has been stymied by the lack of samples of the crude.

BP Oil Disaster Documentary Rakes Over Big Questions About the Spill

The Big Fix raises concerns over Obama administration’s use of toxic chemical Corexit and BP’s leverage in the crisis.

Gulf Shrimpers Still Struggling After BP Spill

More than a year after the Gulf oil spill, fisherman all around the Gulf of Mexico are reporting troubles catching shrimp. It’s so bad that our local restaurants are seeing a shortage.


Tsunami Debris Found 3,000 km from Japan Coast

A Russian ship has found debris from the Japanese tsunami, including a fishing boat, floating adrift in the Pacific thousands of kilometres from the disaster zone, a Hawaiian research group said.

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